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Project: Logo designing for a Kids Site
ID: 1171098673
Chosen Freelancer: epeople

Status: Closed (No bidding)
Budget: $ 30-75
Created: 2/10/2007 3:11 (EST)
Bidding Ends: 3/22/2007 4:11 (EST) (expired)
Project Creator: hostingatoz
Rating: 10/1010/1010/1010/1010/1010/1010/1010/1010/1010/10 (1 review)
Description: I am looking for a creative designer to develop a logo for my upcoming site. The site will be related to Kids so the logo has to be very colorful and according to the theme.
Project Type: Web and Graphic Designing

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Messages Posted: 1

Freelancers Bid Delivery Within Time of Bid
bworld $ 50 2 day(s) 2/10/2007 4:40 (EST)
(1 review)
We are one of the leading web desinging company from India. We can do the job perfectly.
epeople $ 55 3 day(s) 2/10/2007 3:22 (EST)
(2 reviews)
I can design a nice and colorful logo as per the requirements. Please PM me more details.

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