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Username: lntechnobids Name/Company: LN Techno Solutions Average Pricing: $10/hour
Area of Expertise:
  • Web Programming
  • Web and Graphic Designing
  • SEO and Web Marketing
Profile: Greetings from L.N. Techno Solutions!!!!!!!!

The reasons why you should choose us for your projects.

We are having awesome feedback from our clients worldwide. We are having clients:
USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Asia and India as well. They are satisfied so far.
We can speak fluent English. You won’t have any issues to communicate with us.
We follow the rules and regulation or terms and agreement of the client
After the delivery of any project to our clients, we provide supports to our clients for 30 days FOC.
As the people coming to the internet to make their projects sometimes its really hard to understand the cost time and project scope as because they are new so that we will help them to cater all these issues make their project successful.
We always offer reasonable prices and do not overcharge on projects.
We can understand that everyone is having budgets for their projects so that we always look towards for the benefit for both of us.

We are specialists in Joomla CMS, PHP Programming, Data Extraction, Payment Gateway Integration, Website Development, Shopping carts, Web 2.0 Designs, Portals, Magazines, Complex Scripting, Corporate Design and more!

We are here; ready to serve you now with the best expertise for your project.

-- Please Read & Accept our Terms before Selection --

1) Payment and Escrow
We require 20% Escrow Payment before starting any Project. This can be discussed in the Project Message Board with you.

2) Project Specifications/Requirements
We will do exactly as described in the Project Description and PM Discussion before accepting the project. Please be clear with your requirements and needs as this is very important for us and you.
We will not tolerate requests for additional jobs and add on features after the project has started on the original bid price.
If you need something extra done after the project starts, we will give you a quote for that specific requirement of yours and ask you to post a private project on Script lance for us to get that done.

3) Project Payment Clearance / Files Transfer
We develop your site on our staging server. After all project requirements is completed and tested, we will send you the server URL link to check and confirm everything. Once the project is confirmed complete, it is time to move the website to your web hosting server. At this time, we will ask you to clear all payments held in Escrow for the project. Once you have cleared payment for the project and sent over your server access details, we will complete transfer and setup to your server within 12-24 hours guaranteed! - We do not transfer files until the project has been paid for in full. (Payment Released/Completed)

4) Project Guarantee
We will provide you 30 days support once files are delivered to your server for any bugs that you might come across; we will fix all issues on receipt of your email FOC.

5) Communication
We communicate via e-Mail and Private Message Board. If you need Instant Messenger (Skype, YIM, AIM, and G TALK& MSN) or Phone communication, we also provide that.

6) Hours of Operation/ Replies
We reply to all e-Mails and PM messages within 12 hours (Monday to Saturday). We are usually not available on Sundays but exceptions can be made for specific projects. We are GMT +5.30

So why not consider choosing us for your next project.

We look forward to serving you with the very best!
Thank you very much for your consideration and visiting our profile.

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Member Since: 11/25/2009

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